Pooja is a highly recommended training assistant of the IHA. Poojas professional standard, accompanied by a strong passion for helping others offers the ideal combination for success with any client.

Pooja is a certified Interactive Hypnotherapist based in Bangkok. She has been trained by world-renowned Hypnotherapist Anthony Augustine. The Interactive Hypnotherapy by the IHA is certified & regulated to the highest standards with the IANLPC association.

Pooja is also a Meditation and Self-Hypnosis trainer. Her main aim in life is to spread awareness about the positive & life-changing benefits of interactive hypnotherapy & make people realize the power of their subconscious mind.

She has a passion to help clients find the bliss they are looking for, by letting go of the past. This passion combined with extensive Hypnotherapy Training has enabled her to assist & witness people make immediate and lasting changes in their lives.
She conducts her sessions in a very professional, safe & confidential manner.
For further information, client testimonials or to book an appointment you can check her website www.tranceform.today