Join our Exclusive Full Day Hypnotherapy Workshop, by Anthony Augustine 
Trainer, Coach and Hypnotherapist to the Elite
Hypnotherapy Workshop; Bangkok 12 Jan 2020
"The mind, a beautiful servant... But a dangerous master."
How to make fast, safe and effective change in the lives of your friends, family & clients whilst boosting your own personal growth
Without years of training or expense
Prepare to be amazed in this Hypnotherapy workshop - Bangkok; you will experience what it is like to give and receive Hypnotherapy. Creating a clear idea of where Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool in your life.
Who should attend our workshop?

Our popular workshop is designed for the general public. For those who are interested in starting a new career as a Hypnotherapist or even as a hobby.

First of all, this workshop is an excellent way to meet like minded people. Furthermore, you can see if Hypnotherapy is a good fit for you, without
the pressure of a full course.

Hypnotherapy has been scientifically proven to be one of the most efficient ways to reduce stress and therefore useful for anyone in any industry.
Think about this…
Do you have a first aid kit in your home?
if you cut your finger can get your hand on a plaster ?

So where is the First Aid Kit for our mind:
limiting behaviours, beliefs,
questionable thoughts,
attitudes and feelings ?
Do they deserve fast attention too?

What resources do you have to help friends, family or clients make fast, safe, effective change in their life when they need it most?
What to expect
You will learn what scientific research tells us about the nature of hypnosis and the mind because this is what will empower you to be the best possible version of yourself. 

You will have plenty of time to practice using practical Hypnotherapy scripts with others in the class.

A live demonstration with a willing subject who is looking for fast, effective change from anything that is holding them back from their health or happiness will be presented by Anthony Augustine.
Smoking Cessation
Stress Reduction
Self Confidence
Be Successful
Weight Loss
Body Image
Attract Wealth
Change Belief System
Public Speaking
Fear of Death
Chronic Pain
Concentration Problem
Alcohol & drugs Addiction
Grinding Teeth
...And much more
 Hypnotherapy Workshop
Overview; Bangkok

  •  Feel what it’s like to induce a fellow workshop member into a trance - With expert guidance
  •  Use necessary scripts to increase confidence and self-esteem - Free to take away with you
  •  Learn the basics of Hypnotherapy - Feel confident using Hypnotherapy
  • Be part of a live demonstration and watch just how quick letting go of ANYTHING from the past
  •  can be!
 Supervised by a seasoned professional 
Anthony is an International Personal development coach and Hypnotherapist facilitating the needs of his clients for over 12 years. Anthony's clients range from directors/ CEOs of international companies, celebrities, Royalty, members of parliament, professional athletes. Plus many people wanting to make a
positive change in their lives and has hundreds of Testimonials to substantiate his clients successes.

Anthony has been a perminate resident in Thailand for 6 years with Kate & Meria his wife and daugher. Legaly Trading from 'The Panacea LTD' a Thai registered Company.  
A personal Guarantee from Anthony
If you are not happy with the days training we will give you
a full, no questions money back refund. 
Can we get any fairer than that?
Read what Anthony's, clients, associates and students have to say...
Do you want to spend the day experiencing the fascinating skill of Hypnotherapy with direct instruction from Anthony Augustine -
Trainer, Coach & Hypnotherapist to the Elite?

The Training is FREE!
All we ask is you cover the small cost of
the excellent buffet lunch and 2 x luxury
coffee & cake breaks during the day, 
(a real treat on its own) the cost to us is 1,500b

BUT ... for the first ten people
It's only 990b for a whole day. At a
luxury 4 star hotel and a full days
professionl training with detailed handouts!

The Venue
 The Aloft Hotel, Soi 11 Sukhumvit, Bangkok,

Date & Time
12th of Jan 2020
9-5.30 pm

There are Maximum 20 places available
for quality instruction 
SECURE your place Before someone beats
you to it!
No Questions Asked Guarantee!
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The Panacea LTD - Thai Registered Company