Should a Hypnotherapist use a client's arms to test if you are in a trance! 2 Debbie Creagh – IHA Hypnotherapy Assistant Trainer, Bangkok Thailand

Debbie Creagh – IHA; Assistant Hypnotherapy Trainer, Bangkok Thailand

As a natural facilitator of knowledge, Debbie has developed her training style for over 12 years. The natural way Debbie offers information helps students absorb and utilise each technic effectively and a valued member of our training team at IHA training courses – Bangkok, Thailand.

Debbie is a certified NLP Master coach (by the American Board of NLP), Certified Interactive hypnotherapist and Timeline practitioner who is passionate about helping people to become the most energetically empowered version of themselves.


Debbie became a keen observer of human behaviour when she studied Philosophy and Psychology during her degree in Anthropology. During her time as an English trainer/Anthropologist, she worked with refugees that suffered from the post-war syndrome.

Passionate and committed to self-growth and self-awareness

Debbie began studying the healing arts 20 years ago in Ireland and continued her search for knowledge in Thailand. Debbies life mission is assisting peop le in mastering their destiny; she studied NLP to help people create a life that is rooted in their abundant, unlimited power.

Debbie encourages her students through self-discovery, reflect on their strengths and assist them in areas that need improvement. So her students can reach their full potential and live a meaningful, fulfilling life.

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