Need help finding the right Hypnotherapy training course in Bangkok Thailand? (Or anywhere in the world)

Here is a quick guide

As you sit in that chair and seriously contemplate the possibility of learning the powerful skill of hypnotherapy you can feel confident as I guild you towards some useful tips to find the Hypnotherapy course that suits you.

 Why take our Hypnotherapy training course in Bangkok Thailand

Learning Hypnotherapy will change the way you see your self and others in every situation. If you are one of the ‘helpers’ of this world, you may get frustrated from time to time because you notice the challenges in others and want to help but the outcome may not be what you intended.

Learning Hypnotherapy gives you a set of tools, preparing you also with a philosophy unique to our training. That helps you identify when your clients, friends and family are ready for a change, dealing with the cause, not the symptoms.

One of our pet dislikes, poorly trained hypnotherapists… why?

Half of our students have experienced hypnotherapy, and a large percentage had a poor experience because of inadequate training. It’s not without slightly selfish reasons for us to want you to qualify with confidence and useful knowledge. At some point, you will be a reflection of the industry as a whole. One of our primal aims is to raise the standard of hypnotherapists available to the public by offering an outstanding hypnotherapy course.

What to look for in course material and trainers to get the best hypnotherapy program:

1. Is 20 years of experience impressive? YES... until you realize the trainer only does 3 sessions a month. It's important to know the details, take the time to get to know your trainer. At the height of our head trainer's successful eleven year career he was seeing 3 to 5 people a day and has hundreds of testimonials to prove 
that. There is no wisdom in information until applied and experienced. Anthonys client base also ranges from Royalty to celebraties, giving you confidence in the quolity of training anthony will provide for you.

2. Note from Anthony, the head trainer:

“The ethos of your trainer is what you are primarily investing in, as you will form an idea of your clients and your capabilities around your instructor’s beliefs”.

The type of change we facilitate is instant – within one session – dealing with the cause and not the symptoms. This fast progress is reflected in the kind of sessions you will learn.  The career Anthony forged is based on instant change and knowing clients are capable of that. This immediate change has created the ‘wow’ factor in Anthony’s practice, and this is what he is teaching; so your clients leave your practice and spread the word of how immediate your sessions are. After the high-quality training provided for each of our students, you can then build a successful practice.

3. The material taught in some schools and academies is outdated content, sometimes even bought from another company to teach and not fully understood. With our head trainer’s vast experience, he applied The Pareto principle (also known as ‘the 80/20 rule’), knowing 20% of the material is essential, and the 80% is just filling. This allows us to cut out all that you can learn at your leisure or online; for example, the history of hypnotherapy! This will not impact your abilities, plus it leaves more time for live training and practice.

The type of unique hypnotherapy training course we teach is Interactive, learning 
how to read from a script is easy with practice, and is limited as you are providing the narrative and direction. Interactive hypnotherapy is more advanced, using the clients' vast repertoires of experiences and resourses to create positive change in their lives.

Interactive hypnotherapy is impossible to learn without instruction and observation. It is not available to learn online.

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