Private courses have a variety of standards, and some don’t take seriously the importance of passing on correct information. We live in a digital world in which information is at our fingertips – and there’s lots of it – but what is the quality?

IHA teach from a place of vast experience, passing on a passion that can only be appreciated in person. Your practice is observed, creating the highest standards.

Doing the right thing, even when no one knows the difference, is crucial. It’s time to change the perception of hypnotherapy and hypnosis. This can only be done at a grassroots level; with the new generation of hypnotherapists, we have an opportunity to raise the standard of training, empowering each client with the immense power of their mind.

Our course aims to pass on an art form that you can develop. Once learned you would find new ways to use Hypnotherapy as previous practitioners have, and to use hypnotherapy to facilitate growth in your clients. The constant care supports the growth in our students we provide after the course ends, with programs like our Perpetual Learning and online training.