Nenad is a certified NLP trainer, Interactive Hypnotherapist, master coach and Timeline, practitioner. He is passionate about the mechanics of the human mind and helping people to create permanent and lasting changes in their lives.

He mission is to ’ help people become the stronger version of themselves’.

Nenad has developed great abilities in effective communication, leadership, instant problem solving, interpersonal skills and in helping individuals overcoming their limitations and challenges.

Answering is true calling, Nenad started studying NLP and became an NLP trainer to be able to help individuals and organizations to unleash their potential for a better life.

Passionate and always looking to improve his skills, he added many other skill set in his tool box such as Interactive Hypnotherapy.

Since then he has been working as a full time Hypnotherapist, coach and trainer providing outstanding results for his clients.

Nenad is an inspiring coach and trainer with a deep understanding of NLP, who will help you grow and unleash your full potential.

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