Perpetual Learning Program (PLP Certification)

Generally, a hypnotherapy course can last for 100-200 hours; the PLP aims to create a stream of constant knowledge to support the Hypnotherapy training course.

Message from another the head trainer:

After 13 years of learning about Hypnotherapy, there is still more information about the mind and new studies to enlighten our journey. To be the best at a subject takes time and steady application and the journey is never over, every client becomes our new teachers as they are so so uniquely different.

The PLP Certification is a new standard in the Hypnotherapy profession, giving you constant refreshment, driving you towards being the very best you can be.

Each month we send a quiz of 30-60 questions about each of the ten steps, all the techniques and philosophies of Interactive Hypnotherapy for constant leaning.

Ready to be seen as a professional and tell your family, friends and client you are in a continuous learning program as a Hypnotherapist? Keeping your knowledge fresh and your tool sharp?

What does this mean to you?

On the 1st and 15th of each month, a new test will be available.

You can resit the test as many times as you need, you only fail if you stop otherwise it is just a

“postponement of your success.”

Your average score over 85% will move you on the IHA website to highly recommended Hypnotherapist

This program works well with our online training, each module had been recorded using the same 4mat system with handouts to follow each lecture for maximum absorption, retention and focus on each subject.

The IHA prides its self on aftercare service, supporting each student as much as they need.

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Module 1 & 2- Foundation Course