Module 1 & 2: Hypnotherapy Training Course – Bangkok, Thailand

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  • 5 x Day Interactive Hypnotherapy training course
  • Specialises in instant results
  • Detailed instruction and supervision by an expert
  • Hypnotherapy training course for beginners
  • No previous training necessary
  • Aftercare & support included
  • Confidence guaranteed
  • Module 1 & 2
  • 70% Practical training time


Hypnotherapy Training Course

Bangkok Thailand | Module 1 & 2

Learn hypnotherapy for fast, safe and lasting change from a successful and respected International Hypnotherapist with over 10,000 hours of practical experience

“Only someone from the top can lead you down their travelled path, to show you all their mistakes, so you don’t have to

repeat them.”

Anthony Augustine, Founder & Head Trainer

Learn how to help clients, friends and family:

  • Phobias, fears, manage pain
  • Increase confidence, self-esteem
  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Stop smoking and other addictions
  • Let go of the past and embrace the future
  • Let go of the trauma and adverse experiences
  • And much more.

Is it time to build your own business and set your hours…

  • Learn to use hypnosis legally and ethically
  • Study the latest form of hypnotherapy, moving away from scripts for greater success
  • Accredited by the IANLPC to acquire insurance as a professional

Why take this Hypnotherapy course – Bangkok, Thailand:

Hypnotherapy is the only modality that specialises in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where we hold our past, therefore to facilitate fast, efficient change it’s the subconscious mind that holds the key!

The majority of actions come from the subconscious mind. When offering help to friends family or clients without the knowledge of that dominant part of the mind, progress can be limited and frustrating for you and them.

Becoming a Hypnotherapist or adding it to your list of specialities will boost your income significantly. Everybody wants to know more about Hypnosis, even the sceptics. We offer a fully accredited 5-day foundation course to get you started, giving you all the tools you need to provide a wide range of sessions to your clients, family or friends.

Why train with Anthony Augustine?

The experience Anthony offers comes from an immense amount of clients he has worked with, 3-5 a day over a period of years. Giving you, as, the student the opportunity to learn from Anthony’s earlier mistakes.

What this Hypnotherapy course Bangkok has that others don’t?

It’s the other way round, how Anthony managed to fit so much information into such a short amount of time is by offering only the information that is vital. For example, you can read about the history of Hypnotherapy at home. Saving more time to practice and watch demonstrations.




Module one is cover in the first two days and is the primary type of Hypnotherapy that most Hypnotherapists learn because its easy tough, but only has a 30% success rate.

Module two is where it gets exciting. The IHA is one of very few Academy or Hypnosis school that specialises in metaphor work with the subconscious mind.

Using a metaphor is the most effective way to communicate with the mind as it uses both the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Meaning more processing power for instant change. Due to the head trainer vast experience with metaphor, Anthony has a simple way to explain how it works and how to use metaphor in a quick but highly effective way.

Day 3-5 are spent on metaphor, often the students favourite part of the course due to the freedom of the techniques and never knowing where a clients imagination is going to take you! The journey into another’s mind is quite exciting.

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Date: 20-24th March
Module One: 24,995 THB
Module Two: 37,995 THB

Learn M1&2 together: 62,990 THB
Early Bird paid in full before 1st March, 52,995 THB



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2 reviews for Module 1 & 2: Hypnotherapy Training Course – Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Joe

    Anthony is an excellent trainer and Hypnotherapist, I would recommend doing a Hypnotherapy for not just the certificate to be a Hypnotherapist but the personal development you get on the course too. I have done the first two modules twice just for that alone!

  2. Stephanie Lai

    Love the approach, significantly different from what I have learned before. It’s fast, permissive and effective!

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