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Interested in helping people stop smoking professionally?

Ask yourself, how many people do you know who smoke?

A recent survey concluded 68.9% of smokers are thinking about quitting but don’t have the resources.


The course is designed to leave participants fully equipped and confident to provide their clients with a highly effective “stop smoking” session.


💥1. Increase in your earning potential. On average, a “stop smoking” session costs 6,000 Thai Baht. In such a vast market, only 3 clients a month would amount to 216,000THB profit a year for offering a service to people you are already in contact with.

There is an enormous potential market. For example, in just one South-East Asian nation such as Thailand staggering 49.2% of males were regular smokers in 2009. Figures supplied by the World Health Organisation indicated that more than 5.4 million people worldwide died last year from a smoking-related disease.

There are thought to be 1.22 billion people globally who are regular smokers, showing 1 in 7 people that smoke. The average of the population that smoke across Australia is 17%, followed by Canada with 19%, Europe with 27% and 19% in the UK.🎯

Significantly, research conducted during 2011 by the Centre of Disease and Control (CDC) established nearly 7 in 10 (68.9%) of adult cigarette smokers wanted to stop smoking.

💥3. This master class will teach you how simple but effective Hypnotherapy is to create safe, effective and lasting results for people who want to stop smoking.

💥4. Stand out and specialise in your field. Qualify in what HAS BEEN KNOWN AS A DIFFICULT SESSION UNTIL NOW – NICOTINE ADDICTION. With the knowledge acquired from this smoking awareness certification, you can stand proudly in possession of an essential and relevant qualification; you will be able to help your clients achieve their health goals.

We guarantee once certified and accomplished, Not one client will be dissatisfied with your service.

💥5. Learning that hypnosis is the most effective way to give up smoking: According to the largest ever scientific comparison, which statistically combines the results of more than 600 studies including almost 72,000 people’ New Scientist vol. 11 36th issue 1845′ 31 Oct 1992.

Once trained, you can immediately offer a session with a 75% success rate, the very same session Anthony Augustine provide my clients.

💥6. Offer group talks on smoking in Bangkok as a smoking awareness specialist to build your community and save lives.


-People who want to help others
-NLP Practitioners
-Healthcare professionals

Full course handbooks with scripts provided
• PDF Hypnosis Scripts
• PDF of all class handouts
• Full presentation material
• Marketing materials
• Post-training support

Anthony Augustine regularly receives 12-20,000 THB for this session because its a lifesaver, plus the clients will make that investment back in the first few months of stopping.

Anthony suggests you charge 6,000 THB until you build up your standard.

Stop smoking is one of my specialist subjects so Anthony Augustine can guarantee this training is the best in Asia. Anthony has hundreds of client testimonials to back that up. “My smoking clients have travelled from Russia, China, Canada and France just from my client’s referrals:

In Anthony’s full-time practice, stop smoking sessions would bring him 1/4 of my monthly income; this is an essential part of any training.

Who is Anthony Augustine?
About your trainer:
Anthony is an International Personal development coach, Certified Hypnotherapy trainer and Hypnotherapist facilitating the needs of his clients for over 15 years. Anthony’s clients range from directors/ CEOs of international companies, celebrities, Royalty, members of parliament, professional athletes. Plus, many more wanting to make a positive change in their lives and has hundreds of Testimonials to substantiate his client’s successes.

Anthony has been a permanent resident in Thailand for seven years with Kate, Kane & Meira his wife, son and daughter. Legally Trading from ‘The Panacea LTD’ a Thai registered Company.

This training will open the door to understanding other forms of addiction, giving a comprehensive insight into how compulsions and cravings start, and how to shut them down with the right client.

As always 100% support after the course is given, Anthony will match your passion with his.

34,995 THB


Before 17th November 2020

💰Make your full investment back in only 6 CLIENT SESSIONS!

Payment plan for the first 3 students

10k down and 5k a month over 4 months

(Credit cards/PayPal or bank transfer)

3 Days training

Date- 6-8th December 2020

Location: Aloft Hotel Soi 11, Bangkok

70 5⭐️ reviews on Facebook from previous students

Call for a chat to see if this certification is good for you
+66 (0) 854702410 (What’s App)

Set your practice above the rest by offering high-quality sessions to people in need.

• Receive more clients organically
• Specialise in the healing and alternative health industry
• Build a supportive community around your practice
• Be an authority in nicotine addiction
• Offer corporate training
• Certified Training by the IANLPC
• Expand your potential

3 Bonuses for those who act quick…

1. ***FREE Hypnotherapy Modules one box set (worth 8,000THB digital only )for the first 3 students who leave a deposit of 10k

2. FREE Hypnosis secrets book

3. ****Marketing advice and guidance, have a website. We will show you how to rank it on google page one, number one.

Smoking Volunteers needed for live interventions by Anthony Augustine:

Have you noticed you dislike more cigarettes than like and wish you didn’t start in the first place?

You have been Hypnotized to believe things about smoking that are not true… can carbon monoxide from smoking help you focus and increase attention when it reduces oxygen to the brain?

Can nicotine relax you when the British medical dictionary states “nicotine increase blood pressure and creates Hypertension”?

Why are some people, social smokers and others need to smoke daily…
the facts don’t make sense.

All your questions about smoking will be answered, and as a volunteer, Anthony Augustine will assist you in quitting and here are other benefits:

No weight gain
No compulsions or desire to smoke at all
No more extra monthly expense $$$$
No more smelly clothes, car, house
No more tightening of the lungs and lack of taste

Volunteers will experience a full Stop Smoking session from the head trainer at the IHA as an example to students of how smokers can shut down the cravings for nicotine in one session.


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