Module 4: Self-Hypnosis & Meditation (Train the Trainer)



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Self- Hypnosis & Meditation Training the Trainer Course | Bangkok


Set your practice above the rest by offering high-quality Self-Hypnosis and meditation

training & workshops

• Receive more clients organically
• Specialise in the healing and alternative health industry
• Build a supportive community around your practice
• Be an authority in Self- Hypnosis, Meditation & The Subconscious
• Offer corporate training
• Certified Training by the IANLPC
• Expand your potential

Why learn Self-Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is a powerful, safe, natural and useful tool for change. Teach your clients to be in charge of their well-being, health, quality of sleep, quality of life while reducing stress and anxiety — just some of the many benefits of self-hypnosis.

For practitioners to truly empower clients, clients need tools they can take away, life tools to keep progressing. Self-Hypnosis teaches clients how to communicate with their subconscious mind, anywhere, anytime. It keeps them in charge of the small mind viruses before they turn into full-blown, uncontrollable negative beliefs, habits or irrational fears.

Offering eight sessions of Self-Hypnosis is an ethical way to boost your income, knowing each session will be different and self-empowering.

What’s the benefits of studying Meditation (Sitting in your power) and self- Hypnosis together?

The name ‘Meditation for busy people’ was coined a few years back by Anthony when coaching executives and highly driven individuals in the arts of the mind.

Just the word meditation can drive most people away from doing it. The main reason: most have no system and knowledge of how the mind works in order to be successful at meditation or “sitting in their power”.

‘Meditation for busy people’ outlines simple and effective techniques that can be used anywhere and backed up by scientific research.

The mind is like a pack of horses, if you don’t control them, they’ll control you.

Teaching the ability to sit in the power of our thoughts helps us become the observer of the ‘message board’ of the mind and only at that point do we have a choice to make changes.

While meditation is more of an observation and connecting tool, self-Hypnosis is a tool to navigate through the mind using metaphors and language patterns to boost progress.

What can train the trainer mean to you:
All the material over the four days will be yours to use and to offer clients within the legal copyright. The training material includes all techniques and lesson plans for each day

The full training certification gives you the right to offer high-level self-hypnosis & meditation classes and give completion certificates. Moving one step closer to teaching Hypnotherapy.

Course outline:
The 3 Step Process for Self-Hypnosis
Eight unique lessons with handouts
The Power of Hypnotic Suggestion
How to Go into Trance
How to Program Your Subconscious Mind
Simple Yet Powerful Advanced Techniques

Once qualified, you can teach clients, groups and classes
You will be able to prepare a step by step self-hypnosis process, create your own hypnotic suggestions and program the subconscious mind to make positive changes in your client’s life.

Train the trainer course includes:

• PDF Self-Hypnosis Scripts
• Meditation scripts for busy people
• PDF of all class handouts
• Full presentation material
• Marketing materials
• Post-training support

What you can charge when certified:
Typically, a group of ten people committed to 8 weeks of lessons will value this material between 250b-400 THB. 2000-3,200 a class.

Which means your investment will be returned within 1-2 courses that you offer.

The Techniques you will learn are the same Anthony uses when offering sessions at world-class destination spas like Chiva-Som.

• This course is available for any level of instruction. No prior experience is necessary.

About your trainer:
Anthony is an International Personal development coach and Hypnotherapist facilitating the needs of his clients for over 13 years. Anthony’s clients range from directors/ CEOs of international companies, celebrities, Royalty, members of parliament, professional athletes. Plus, many more wanting to make a positive change in their lives and has hundreds of Testimonials to substantiate his client’s successes.

Anthony has been a permanent resident in Thailand for seven years with Kate & Meira his wife and daughter. Legally Trading from ‘The Panacea LTD’ a Thai registered Company.

When: July 16-19th 2020

To certify as a trainer four days: 35,000 early bird paid before 1 June 29,900THB

IS THIS COURSE GOOD VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY? when you get certified within two of your own class you will make back your whole investment, how does that sound?

To attend the class over the first three days to experience self-hypnosis and Meditation 19,990 THB

Payment plans available


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