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Q1: Can I learn hypnotherapy in 4 days and be good at it?

There is no short cut when it comes to practice. This course is enough for you to start and when you are ready to grow further we have other modules to advance your knowledge.  We will be with you, supporting and guiding you after the course with each client until you are comfortable, which is included in each course fee.

Q2: Is an accreditation from a more popular association better?

The only need for an accreditation is for insurance purposes, other than that it’s just a name on a certificate proving a standard has been reached by the student. Clients are unaware of the difference from one association to another.

Q3: Why are there two modules?

This gives you time to digest the first part of the course and apply the principles, building your foundation of wisdom and knowledge when you apply the information you learn on the course.

Q4. Do I need any previous experience to learn hypnotherapy?

No experience is necessary.

Q5. Will this improve my personal development?

Each client you see will give you a deeper insight into the mind, helping to solidify and put into perspective your knowledge. Whilst on the course many different types of session are taught and students practice on each other to get all benefits.

Q6. Will hypnotherapy complement my other service, or as a counselor?

Hypnotherapy works well combined with more traditional therapies that don’t typically use the subconscious mind.

Q7. Do you teach Ericksonian hypnotherapy?

Milton Ericson is the grandfather of hypnotherapy. Many aspects of his teachings are incorporated into the course and his language patterns and scripts are still widely used.

Q8. Will I get any support once I have completed my training with the college?

It’s our pleasure to be with you along your journey for as long as you need that help. We have allocated enough time after the course has ended for students to call for advice about prospective clients – this is included in the course investment.

Q9. Do you teach NLP techniques?

Some NLP was utilized from hypnotherapy and Milton Ericsson; while we are not teaching NLP, there are references and explanations as NLP coaching works very well with hypnotherapy.

Q10. How successful is hypnotherapy compared to other forms of therapy?

If you are looking to obtain instant change with clients, you will struggle to find a modality that compares; the power of the subconscious mind has an abundance of resources, in contrast with the limited conscious mind, which more therapies utilize.

Q11. How much time should I leave between each stage of training?

That depends on your practice and how long it takes you to use all the techniques we teach; typically we leave 3 months between each module for practice.

Q12. Do all the courses include practical exercise?

Yes, this is the corner stone to any good course. Practice makes each theory of the session real to you, leading to more questions and a deeper understanding of hypnotherapy, and how your clients respond to sessions.

Q13. Will I get any advice on how to set up and market a therapy practice?

Yes. Anthony has successfully set up two practices and has great experience in marketing; he will be at hand for any guidance you need during and after the course.

Any other questions, please email and we will endeavor to get back to 
you ASAP.